Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Think Big Accelerator in Full Swing in Kansas City

We hit the ground running yesterday with our first Think Big Accelerator class.  The entrepreneurs from New York City, Los Angeles and Kansas City all came together to finally meet one another (as well as Think Big Partners) face-to-face.  The energy was high.  The coffee was plentiful (as was the paperwork).  And the first day of the accelerator seemed to pass by in a blink of an eye.

We are extremely excited to welcome our first accelerator class to the bizperc coworking space, a new office that these startups may start calling "home".  A warm welcome to Keyzio, Kahootz, inCharge, Phone2Action, H2OCloud and WeeJay--the six members of the original Think Big Accelerator class!

These six startups have quite an autumn (and winter) ahead of them.  Think Big Accelerator's 22-week program will truly test these entrepreneurs' strengths and weaknesses and put their big ideas to the test.  With ongoing mentorship, collaboration, startup services, field trips and in-depth discussions and solutions on a weekly basis, we're pretty confident that these six startups will come out stronger, better and more profitable in just 22 weeks.
Accelerator members were invited on a tour of the bizperc coworking space. 
Johnathan Block of H2OCloud (left) and Connor Sweeney of WeeJay (right).

Jeb Ory of Phone2Action. 

Let's just say Day 1 was already quite productive...

Sarah Snyder (left) and Emily Leeper (right) help with accelerator logistics.

Parker Hills of Keyzio (left) goes in-depth with Blake Miller of Think Big Partners (right).

Follow these startups along the accelerator journey.  Stay tuned on our blog for more news and updates about each of these companies and how they're progressing in the Think Big Accelerator! It's going to be a wild ride.

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  1. Massive crowds overwhelming the ThinkBig partners - clearly there is some Big thinking going on.