Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Donald Teaches New Apprentices the Importance of the Modern Office

Written by Allison Way, writer and videographer for Think Big Partners. 

“The toughest job interview in the world”, also known as The Apprentice, kicked off Season 10 on NBC last Friday. Donald Trump, once again, recruited this season’s contestants, most unemployed, from a 24-year old Stanford grad to a 46-year old ex-Air Force man and laid-off financial advisor. Although the Donald’s demeanor, attitude, and hair style may be the same as past seasons, The Apprentice Season 10 truly is a revamped reality show. And entrepreneurs, you should be quite interested.

Episode 1 showed the first project in which teams (one team of men and one team of women) had to design and build an ultra-modern office space out of empty New York City lofts. In the end, after a rainbow creation and a “green space” creation, both office spaces were hated by The Donald himself.

Trump’s first project posed a challenge. But ultimately, he was proving that smart business people and entrepreneurs should know what an effective and modern office space looks like. More importantly, a good businessperson should also know how it feels to work in an inspiring space. A modern office must have clean lines, an edgy ambiance, and should be inspiring for any type of entrepreneur or small business owner. bizperc, Think Big Partner’s new business incubator, has taken in every aspect of a productive, modern, and inspirational workplace and has unloaded it into one Midwestern, downtown building. Maybe The Apprentice contenders should have taken a look at bizperc before buying the furniture and choosing the paint.

An ultra-modern loft-turned-office is not an easy task for anyone. All elements must be put into place: from lighting to paint colors, from furniture to aromatherapy. The Apprentice contestants must use their imaginations and Think Big in order to wow The Donald. We look forward to following the contenders in their pursuit of big-time-business.

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