Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kansas City: The Creative Crossroads of the U.S. through Building the Gigabit City

Yesterday, the Social Media Club of Kansas City and The Brainzooming Group brought together many brilliant minds for a giant brainstorming session in which participants could discuss Kansas City's implementation of Google Fiber and how it could positively impact the community.  The event became known as Building the Gigabit City. After the first few hours of the event, I was blown away.

Not only were participants full of amazing ideas, but they were full of unique ones.  My small group, a group that was to discuss Google Fiber's potential for higher education, consisted of a variety of different people with unique backgrounds and experiences--a social media strategist, a small business owner, an SEO expert, a freelancer, a graphic designer and many others.

The event kicked off with the notion that Kansas City "can be the Creative Crossroads of the United States."  And after sitting in with my group and brainstorming amazing (and some outrageous) ideas, I couldn't help but agree.

Check out some of my pictures from Building the Gigabit City.  Hosted by the Kansas City Public Library, the event was also open to the public at 6:30PM for a reveal of the Gigabit City ideas.

"We can be the Creative Crossroads of the United States."

Mike Brown of Brainzooming.

Outside of the Kansas City Public Library.

My group collaborating about Google Fiber and higher education. 

Bob King of Thought Spray Solutions discusses Google Fiber opportunities.
And don't forget to submit your big ideas to the Gigabit Challenge business plan competition that launched earlier yesterday morning.  Want to disrupt on the Google Fiber network?  Submit a 3-5 page executive summary of your idea and an application and you could win up to $100,000 in cash and services!

Written by Allison Way

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