Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Think Big Partners launches new business incubator, bizperc

bizperc helps entrepreneurs reach the American Dream.
Written by Allison Way, writer and videographer for Think Big Partners.

Entrepreneurs are not only big thinkers, but they are also big believers.  More specifically, entrepreneurs must believe in the die-hard notion of the American Dream, a national ethos which leads people to believe that "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement."  Think Big Partners is giving this American Dream opportunity to entrepreneurs out there through the launch of our new business incubator, bizperc.

bizperc (site to launch soon), located at 1800 Baltimore in the thriving Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City, is a modern-meets-Midwest business incubator unlike any other found in the region.  Serious entrepreneurs are given the American Dream opportunity to launch their businesses within the walls of bizperc by utilizing its network of expert resources and beneficial core services.  With offerings such as rented desk and cubicle workspaces, virtual Smartboard conference rooms, open event space, and complimentary SmartCoffee, the entrepreneur that utilizes bizperc can chase his own American Dream and dramatically increase his chance of running a successful business.

Who says you must fulfill the American Dream alone?  At bizperc, the importance of co-working, collaboration, and community is extremely important.  The American Dream has historically been achieved through participation in the society and economy in the hopes that everyone reaches prosperity.  At bizperc, entrepreneurs can lean on one another with the goal that everyone becomes a success.  

Think Big Partners is here to help you chase your very own American Dream.  Visit bizperc today at or at  bizperc and its valuable resources will truly help you to Think Big!

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