Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Executive Office Space vs. Collaborative Workspace

Regus, Officescape, and Alliance Business Centers vs. bizperc
No entrepreneur or growing company is the same.  Some prefer the comforting silence of a closed-off office.  Others enjoy the energetic collaboration of a shared workspace.  While some would rather work from the comfort of a conventional desk or cubicle, others would rather work outside, on a roof, or side-by-side other entrepreneurs.  When some entrepreneurs choose to work in a traditional, habitual office spaces, others may need a more inspiring, innovative environments. 
There’s no wrong way to work—but there is a way that will work better for you.
If you’re a traditional, conventional entrepreneur or high-growth company who enjoys a corporate-feel during the workday, there’s a space for that.  If you’re an innovative, collaborative thinker who works well with others, there’s a space for that.  The environment that you choose, however, is up to you. 
While some choose to work at an executive office space such as Regus, Officescape or an Alliance Business Center, others enjoy the atmosphere of bizperc.  But when it all boils down to it, what’s the difference?  We’re here to tell you.  Because believe it or not, the atmosphere that you work in, whether its suit-and-tie or jeans-and-tshirt, may have an impact on how your business runs.

I want…absolute privacy.
I want…privacy within collaboration.
If you are looking to work on your business in a private matter (closed doors, quiet atmosphere, no interruptions), then Regus, Officescape or ABCN is the place for you.  Regus office spaces are there for just that—if you need a traditional desk or a simple meeting room—Regus will provide you with the privacy and seclusion that you need. 
If you’re looking to innovate, collaborate, and create, bizperc is the ideal workspace.  For the interpersonal entrepreneur who wants to bounce ideas off of others, provide other hard-working individuals with advice, and become a part of a community with no closed doors, bizperc is the solution.

I’m looking for…a traditional finish.
I’m looking for…a cutting-edge finish.
If you’re an entrepreneur or high-growth company that has enjoyed the atmosphere of the corporate world—full of tradition, customs and business comfort—look no further an office space like Officescape or Regus.  Their traditional finishes provide entrepreneurs everywhere with original workspaces without losing the corporate touch.  
bizperc is for you.  This space is all about modernity and being unique.  bizperc’s modern, urban loft space provides an inspiring finish for those who are looking for innovation and creativity.  Complete with electronic white boards, idea boards, a mini-Kinko’s, breathtaking rooftop garden, natural light, idea boards, and open windows, bizperc takes “cutting-edge” to a whole new level.

I’m in need of…a nationwide mobile office.
I’m in need of…flexibility.
Regus, for example, offers cost effective packages for 2, 4, 8 or 12 days per month or an unlimited use plan.  Regus, Officescape, and ABCN offices are available for any entrepreneur in need of an office or meeting space solution (but less offered services).  All provide nationwide mobile offices for the entrepreneur or growing company that needs nothing but desk space. 
Stay as long as you want, use whatever services you need (if any), and come and go as you please.  bizperc provides ultimate flexibility so that you can get exactly what you want out of your work space, when you want it.  No long-term contracts, and rates start as low as $35 a month—bizperc is a space that fits your schedule and your budget. 

I’d like…a traditional business culture.
With office space that encapsulates a traditional business environment, Regus, Officescape, and ABCN offices are good locations for serious entrepreneurs who want to get down to business in a formal setting.
I’d like…a fast-paced business culture.
Looking for a culture that’s fast-paced, fun-loving, collaborative, and innovative?  bizperc wants to see you succeed and will walk you through each of the innovative and unconventional steps to get you there.

I value…independence.
If you’re intrapersonal and enjoy doing work on your own in a quiet area, traditional executive offices are the perfect place to start or grow a small business. 
I value…community.
If you value a sense of community with close interaction, tenant and client events, and day-to-day stimulating conversation, bizperc is excited to invite someone just like you into its community.
Keep in mind that where you work determines how you work.  Whether you prefer an executive office space with Regus, Officescape, or Allianance Business Centers or a collaborative coworking space like bizperc– the choice is yours.  Good luck with finding the right spot for you and your business.  Just remember, that no matter where you are, it’s a great place to Think Big!


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Written by Allison Way

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