Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Entrepreneurs, We're Not in Kansas Anymore...Or Are We?

From Google Fiber to bizperc, Startup Weekend to KCNext… Kansas City is becoming its very own Emerald City. 

There’s no place like home…especially when home means Internet that’s 100 times faster, technology sectors that are undoubtedly stronger, and startup communities that are growing bigger.  Kansas City, Kansas is a city that can only be classified as “emerging”. Although historically successful in many ways, Kansas City is gaining momentum.  Because of the positive changes that the city is experiencing, KC residents may start asking, “we’re not in Kansas anymore...or are we?”
With the arrival of Google Fiber and many other businesses, Kansas City has become a place for entrepreneurship, startups, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.  Think Big Partners has jumped on the progressive bandwagon with fellow Kansas City businesses and organizations including Google Fiber, KCNext, and Startup Weekend in order to continue to grow its own version of the Emerald City.
Google Fiber: Google has chosen Kansas City for its 1 Gigabit fiber-to-the-home network.  The reason for the selection?  This statement comes directly from Google’s blog post: “In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations.  We’ve found this in Kansas City.”
Google has partnered with...
KCNext: KCNext provides a forum and catalyst for innovators and small business owners who are passionate about making the KC region a friendly place to launch new technology startups and grow existing technology companies.  Through the development of technology-intensive infrastructure, the planning of regional events and marketing, and the efforts to enhance the region’s image nationally, KCNext’s goal is to bring cutting-edge aspects to Kansas City. 
KCNext has been in contact with...
Think Big Partners: Much like KCNext, Think Big Partners is working to make Kansas City explode with technology, innovation, and startups.  Think Big Partners is doing whatever it takes to make KC a progressive city:  The group has launched Think Big Angel Capital Group (TBACG), a nationwide angel investing network to help entrepreneurs get funded.  In addition, TBP has created bizperc, an ultra-modern downtown business incubator and workspace that implements its own accelerator program for startup companies and necessary services that these companies will need in order to become a success.  Finally, TBP is hosting the 2nd annual Think Big Kansas City Conference for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups.  Think Big Partners is one of those organizations that is bringing ideas to the technology supported by KCNext and Google Fiber. 
Think Big Partners is hosting...
Startup Weekend Kansas City: To expand the amount of Internet startups and apps that originate in Kansas City, Startup Weekend is coming April 15-17th to bizperc.  As a 54-hour event that focuses on building web or mobile applications, Startup Weekend brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, and visionaires with different skill sets in order to launch a new company—all driven by the cutting-edge technology that Kansas City is currently implementing.  This international event occurs in hundreds of cities across the globe and has over 30,000 alumni involved in its success.   
Partnerships and organizations such as these make Kansas City an up-and-coming technology hub.  With Google Fiber, KCNext, Think Big Partners, and Startup Weekend all doing their part to improve the Kansas City tech industry, there is no doubt that other organizations, small businesses, and companies will dive in, partner up with one another, and work to better KC...and beyond.


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Written by Allison Way.

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