Monday, April 11, 2011

The First Step Towards Developing an International Business

6 Reasons to Attend Futurallia Kansas City 2011

It's a big world out there.  And as entrepreneurs, sometimes it's hard to take the time out of our busy work days to explore the world.  But if you want your business to go global, you have to be somewhat of a world traveler, right?  Perhaps not...

What if we told you that instead of you going out into the world, that we could bring the rest of the world to Kansas City?  Sounds impossible, right?  It's not.  It's called Futurallia 2011.

Futurallia is a unique and globally-recognized event.  This year, Futurallia is happening in Kansas City and will offer small and medium-sized businesses from various industry sectors to meet in a "business speed dating" format. 

Over two days, Futurallia will allow business leaders to have up to 16 personalized and pre-scheduled 30-mintue face-to-face meetings with the partners of their choice.  And if that doesn't give you reason enough to attend, check out the 6 reasons to attend Futurallia this year and springboard your business toward making new international partnerships:

1.  Reinforce your position in the international marketplace
2.  Look for commercial, financial, strategic or technical partnerships
3.  Develop new export markets
4.  Identify new business opportunities
5.  Research and gather information on international markets
6.  Create new partnerships with different sectors and countries

Are you ready to go global, Kansas City?  Explore the wonderful world of business at Futurallia May 18-20.  Register now!

Written by Allison Way.


  1. Allison,

    Thanks for the tips, and even more thanks for making me get Futurallia on my calendar. I am hoping it works out as it sounds like a great opportunity.

  2. @PestControl: Glad you're interested in the event! Enjoy your time at Futurallia!