Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TBP's Interview With the Original Apprentice: Bill Rancic Thinks Big!

We recently had the chance to talk on the phone with Bill Rancic, original winner of NBC's The Apprentice, about Think Big Kansas City and what he plans to talk about at the big event.

Just because Bill Rancic is the original winner of NBC’s The Apprentice with Donald Trump, the star of A&E’s new series We Mean Business, a best-selling book author, and an ultra-inspirational entrepreneur, does not necessarily mean that he spends all day walking the red carpet (although he does do this quite a bit with his wife and E! News host, Guiliana Rancic). 
Most of the time, Bill is doing quite the opposite.  Instead, he stays highly engaged in charitable activities and spends a large majority of his time doing what he does best—giving entrepreneurial and high-growth advice to startups and small businesses.
And one of Bill’s many stops on his inspirational speaking tour around the world is none other than the 2nd annual Think Big Kansas City conference.
Last week, Think Big Partners (one of the driving forces behind Think Big Kansas City 2011) had the opportunity to talk with Bill Rancic one-on-one to learn about what he is planning to present at Think Big Kansas City and how he can bring new ideas, inspiration, and acceleration to the entrepreneurial community in KC. 

“The theme of my talk is going to center around the importance of being agile in business,” said Rancic.  “It’s all about stretching out of your comfort zone.  I am going to talk about how to recognize these opportunities and seize them.”
Among these themes, Bill Rancic is planning to discuss the traits of successful entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and Ted Turner as well as the traits of unsuccessful entrepreneurs that he has worked with not only on his A&E reality show, but also in his everyday business life.
“I hope that people will leave my session asking questions about how to make their businesses better,” said Rancic. 
Think Big Kansas City is your chance to get up close and personal with one of America’s most successful reality TV stars, Bill Rancic.  Upon completion of his keynote speech, Rancic will open the floor with a question-and-answer session that any entrepreneur or small business owner could benefit from.  After the Q&A, Rancic is planning to stick around to autograph his books (including You're Hired: How to Succeed In Business And Life From The Winner of the Apprentice as well as Beyond the Lemonade Stand) and shake the hands of many Kansas City and Midwest entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners.

Join Bill Rancic, Think Big Partners, and many others at Think Big Kansas City and learn how to accelerate your business.  Register today and see everything that the wide world of entrepreneurship has to offer.  And of course, get ready to Think Big!
Written by Allison Way

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