Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Participating in Pitch Big? Take Some Tips from VC Judge, Rachael Qualls

Although Pitch Big is a game-show style competition, one thing is for sure: it won’t be all fun and games.  Think Big Kansas City is looking for the Midwest’s brightest, most driven, most fearless entrepreneurs with the biggest business ideas—and even more importantly, entrepreneurs with ideas that can actually work. 
So, you know what TBKC is expecting, but what are the judges expecting?  A few weeks ago, we gave you answers from one of the Pitch Big judges, Chris Geisert, about what he wants to see from each pitch.  He even clued in readers about what types of ideas will actually win the competition.
Rachael Qualls of
Angel Capital Group
But what about the other judges?  After all, you’ll have to win over all three in order to win Pitch Big.  And one of the judges that you’ll have to go above and beyond to impress is Rachael Qualls, founder of the Angel Capital Group.  Rachael has seen a lot of business plans in her lifetime—and she is an entrepreneur herself (“been there, done that!”).  So what is Rachael looking for from the participants of Pitch Big?
“I’m looking for great business opportunities developed and run by entrepreneurs with a passion for what they do,” Qualls states.  “I’m not looking just at what is possible, but what is also probable to be successful.”  Sounds simple enough, right?
Qualls is looking forward to judging Pitch Big 2011 with fellow judges Chris Geisert and Michael Gale.  She is a firm believer that a business pitch competition like this will have a huge impact on the entrepreneurial community of Kansas City.
“Pitch Big brings people together, and running a startup is like living on a deserted island.  So, the mind share that can take place at events like this can create an untold amount of efficiency in the lives of entrepreneurs by connecting them,” she says.
So what’s it going to take to win over Qualls and her fellow judges?  “Have the greatest potential to beat the odds and create outstanding returns for investors.”
Applications for Pitch Big are due May 17, 2011.  Apply may be the big winner on May 24th at Think Big Kansas City!
Written by Allison Way

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