Monday, May 2, 2011

"Entrepreneurship in Kansas City Will Drive Growth in the Future"

Think Big Partners’ Q&A with TBKC speaker and CEO of Axcelerate Worldwide, Bob Smith. 

TBP (Think Big Partners): What made you interested in presenting at Think Big Kansas City?
Bob Smith of
Axcelerate Worldwide.
Bob: I’m an entrepreneur at heart.  I’m on my fourth business and I’ve consulted in over 200 industries all over the world.  The makeup of the Think Big Kansas City attendees really matched with the type of businesses that I play with.  I love interacting with entrepreneurs at that level.  And it looks like such a strong conference with attendees that are coming with purpose…with commitment and are looking for ways to increase and grow their businesses. It also is a great place to meet new people and discover new ideas in marketing.

TBP: What are you looking forward to most at Think Big Kansas City 2011?
Bob: Two things.  First, the networking.  Second, helping business owners and CEOs become more successful!  One of my policies in life is that I show up and give away everything that I can possibly give away.  I live out of a prosperity mindset.  I meet a lot of people who are trying to solve business growth problems.  I help people solve these problems and because we have a network from Brisbane, Australia to the UK and all across the United States.  I can help people create new solutions and new business connections from our private client rolodex.

TBP: What are you planning to present at Think Big Kansas City 2011? 
Bob: It’s all about metric marketing!  Marketing, business development and sales.  The whole idea is to show our attendees a proven formula that will translate all of the things they know about integrated marketing—online, offline, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, mobile marketing, just to name a few.  When I’m finished, attendees will walk away with a formula to plug into their business in order to translate their marketing into actual true dollars for bottom line growth.  In addition, I will be presenting extraordinary examples from our private client files that created millions of dollars in new sales from their marketing!
TBP: What makes you a good speaker for an entrepreneurship event like Think Big Kansas City? 
Bob: I’ve been there, done that.  I know how to create success from an idea!  I’ve built four multi-million dollar businesses and I’ve had one business that exceeded $100 million in revenues in less than 2 years. I have also had one failed business.  I have the “miles” and the experience to be able to share and relate to business people that are growing their business or are in need of growth.  I’m not just a speaker that talks about theory—I am an entrepreneur.  I live and breathe business growth and unique marketing strategies and ideas every day with my clients! I am going share this experience and real life examples with my audience.

TBP: What three things will people leave your presentation with?
Bob: They’ll leave with a proven formula for 30% growth in their hands.  They will get outrageous examples of great new marketing ideas that we have been incorporating with different clients around the country that are getting huge lift rates.  I will also show attendees what the future holds for growing businesses.
TBP: Why is entrepreneurship so important to bring to Kansas City or to the Midwest?   
Bob: The Midwest is one of the core assets of our country. The work ethic is amazing and entrepreneurship is what drives the economy.  People can talk about the big banks in the world, but they are not loaning enough money.  Entrepreneurship will be the driving force towards our recovery.  It’s interesting because I believe that entrepreneurship in Kansas City and its surrounding states is what is going to drive growth into the future because it’s not going to be done by big business—it’s going to be done by us! Our larger small business and mid-tier companies are driving the recovery now and I want to show them how to increase that activity!  

TBP: What’s the one piece of advice that you hope TBKC attendees leave with?
Bob: I want people to leave with ‘take action!’ mentality.  Whatever the attendees learn, I just hope they put it into place.  Test it, play with it, adjust it...and then just go market and grow.  If you try to think yourself into better actions, many times it does not work. Act yourself into better thinking and the results will follow.

TBP: How do you Think Big?
Bob: Prosperity.  Prosperity for everyone.  I just launched Axelerate Worldwide in the middle of a recession and it’s going like a rocket ship.  People wonder why I launched it.  But I have partners from all over the country that allow me to get Big.  It’s all about prosperity.  When we’re successful, the people around us will be successful too.
Interview conducted by Allison Way.

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