Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Innovation, Globalization and the Startup Ecosystem

Think Big Kansas City speaker and managing partner of Gramercy Private Equity, Michael Gale, talks about these three important aspects and how entrepreneurship can grow in Kansas City and beyond—starting with TBKC.
It was 9:00AM in Kansas City, but 7:30PM in Mumbai, where Michael Gale was located when he and I conducted a one-on-one interview.  As he briefed me about how the beautiful the sun looked setting over India, I rubbed my eyes and yawned from lack of sleep and caffeine.  Although Michael and I were on complete opposite sides of the world, we were still able to collaborate with one another and talk about entrepreneurship, globalization, innovation...and most importantly, what he was looking forward to during Think Big Kansas City.
 “Entrepreneurship is important no matter where you are,” said Michael from half way around the globe.  “Big organizations do not innovate anymore.  Therefore, the growth of companies and job creation comes from entrepreneurship.  Innovation is risky—but you need entrepreneurs to do it.”
Michael Gale stays busy traveling around the world and managing Gramercy Private Equity, yet he somehow found the time to speak at Think Big Kansas City, the Premier Event for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups.  At the one-day conference, Michael will take part in Global Business: Going Big Overseas as a panelist and will act as a judge in Pitch Big: “Shark Tank” Style. 
“I’m looking forward to talking to bright and innovative people,” said Michael about TBKC.  “Usually, these people are very difficult to find.  If I leave this conference with one new, bright entrepreneur in my orbit, it was well worth it.”
Well, Michael, we guarantee that you will leave with at least that. 
Buy your ticket to Think Big Kansas City now and listen to Michael Gale (and many others) live!
Written by Allison Way

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