Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Q&A: Think Big with Joe Calhoon!

Joe Calhoon, author, business strategist and speaker at Think Big Kansas City is looking forward to cluing in Kansas City business owners on the seven questions that high-growth companies must ask.  Check out our Q&A session with Joe himself! 
Joe Calhoon
Business Strategist and Author
Think Big Partners (TBP): What made you interested in presenting at Think Big Kansas City?
Joe: For the past quarter century I have been working with business owners and business leaders to develop higher-performing organizations.  That is very aligned with what Think Big Kansas City is all about.  I’m all about what you guys are all about!
TBP: What are you looking forward to most at Think Big Kansas City 2011?
Joe: To help people build better businesses, live better lives, create more jobs, and create more wealth.  I want to stimulate people to develop the kinds of businesses they are capable of leading.
TBP: What are you planning to present at Think Big Kansas City 2011? 
Joe: We have developed a new presentation that is getting very positive results.  We focus on the 7 critical issues that have to be answer to build a great business.
TBP: What three things will people leave your presentation with?
Joe: Number one, they will have a clearer sense of the type of business they want to build and why they want to build it.  Of course, the why is very important—it’s their motive.  Number two; they will know specifically what they need to do to build their business.  So many business owners waste too much time on areas that are not important and so we will help them identify the most important strategy.  Three; we will give [entrepreneurs] a process that has been used by hundreds of organizations to better serve customers, employees and owners while developing leaders.
TBP: Why is entrepreneurship so important to bring to Kansas City or to the Midwest?  
Joe: An entrepreneur, according J.B. Say, the French economists who coined ‘entrepreneur’ 115 years ago, is someone who moves resources from an area of lower productivity and yield to an area of higher productivity and yield.  As our world changes, entrepreneurs are developing the new businesses and new products and services that really create a better future for all of us.  According to the Kauffman Foundation, without business startups and small business, there isn’t very much new job growth in our country.  Our country is obviously going through difficult times.  It’s no secret that the small business owners are the most important to our society.  The reason why is because they provide the greatest value for our society—they create jobs!  They provide the products and services that meet people’s needs.  They are the engine of the economic recovery.  It is my absolute pleasure to serve them.
TBP: What did you enjoy most last year out of Think Big Kansas City?
Joe: I enjoyed the networking and the learning from other entrepreneurs.
TBP: How do you Think Big?
Joe: The biggest thinker in the history of the world is God.  He made everything.  When you consider the magnitude of what God created, that’s the original Big Thinker.  So I spend time with God.
To learn more from Joe and hear him speak live, register for Think Big Kansas City!  The conference takes place on May 24th and the Kansas City Convention Center. Tickets on sale now!
We would like to give a BIG thanks to the Hilton President, FreshID and the Inventors Club of Kansas City for beoming sponsors of Think Big Kansas City on May 24, 2011.  Thanks for your contributions and for making the world of startup better for everybody! 

Written by Allison Way.

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