Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lawrence Tech Business Showcase

Tomorrow is a big day for the Kansas City metro area.  With Futurallia 2011 starting tomorrow, there is no doubt that Kansas City will be bustling with entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners from across the globe.

But simultaneously, Lawrence, Kansas is also going to have a big day.  The Lawrence Technology Association Business Showcase starts tomorrow at 5:00pm at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center.  With guest speakers, table space and a slew of technology businesses, the LTA Biz Showcase is the place to be tomorrow night in Lawrence.

So if you would like to spotlight your new technology, startup business, or passion for all that is tech, be sure to check out the LTA Business Showcase tomorrow night! 


A huge thanks to Arsalon, Stinson Morrison Hecker, and Red Brokerage for helping to sponsor Think Big Kansas City!  It's the people like you who make entrepreneurship even greater.  Thanks for your help.  We can't wait to see you at TBKC on May 24!

Written by Allison Way.

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