Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TBKC Live Blog: There's an App for That: The Business of Going Mobile

Moderated by Brian Smith (Jimmy Good Technology), There's an App for That at TBKC consisted of four standout panelists from the Kansas City community including Tony Caudill & Joe Terry (Aireal Mobile), Chris Puglisi (Mellow Militia) and Royce Haynes (Jiffy Card).  This panel started off with Brian discussing Color, an extremely successful new mobile app driven by proximity and sharing pictures.  But that's not the only thing I learned from the apps panel (obviously!).

Throughout most of the panel, the three panelist and the moderator discussed the challenges of going mobile.  If you or your business is planning on developing a mobile app, watch out for these challenges that you may face:

  • Understanding what it takes to compete in the app world (Chris)
  • Finding the resources and the right agency to develop an app (Chris)
  • Developing the correct interpretation of your vision (Tony)
  • Understanding the expense of developing an app- anywhere from $150-$200 per hour for developers! (Joe)
  • Learning the Apple app store policies (Joe)
  • Developing software for both Android and Objective C and attempting to launch them at the same time (Royce) 
  • Scaling and marketing a product (Royce) 

Stay tuned for more live blogs from TBKC!  Next up...Delivering the Right Company Culture to Deliver Happiness- from A to Zappos!

Think Big!

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