Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 10 Things I Learned at Think Big Kansas City

To say that Think Big Kansas City was a jam-packed day is a bit of an understatement.  Choosing only 10 things that I learned from the all-day conference is actually quite a challenge!  But here are some of the key take-aways that I gained from attending the 2nd annual Think Big Kansas City:

1.  When pitching to investors, pitch the company, not the idea.  - Rachael Qualls, Pitch Big VC Judge

2.  Always prepare yourself for the unexpected (like chocolate with Pop Rocks in it!) - Tamara Christensen, TBKC Speaker

3.  Not all companies follow through with their core values and we need to be aware of this.  -  Marty Stanely, TBKC Speaker

4.  Mobile apps are not going to go away...and neither are the complications of developing them for both iOS and Android.  -  Royce Haynes, TBKC Panelist

5.  "Technology companies are born global."  - Michael Gale, TBKC Panelist & Speaker

6.  That a successful business leader guides his employees to make decisions and supports them whether they're right or wrong.  "When decisions are not being made, that's when I'll fire you."   - Bill Rancic, Keynote Speaker referring to Donald Trump

7.  During a pitch, make sure to leave room to talk about your competitors and why you're better than them.  -  Chris Geisert, Pitch Big VC Judge

8.  If you don't make a mistake every once and awhile, then you're not pushing the limits.  - Herb Sih, TBKC Speaker & Founder

9.  Everybody can Think Big...but we all do it in different ways. 

10.  When you bring hundreds of entrepreneurs together under one roof, anything is possible, but especially Big Thinking! 

Written by Allison Way.

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  1. I learned #7 the hard way at Startup Weekend KC. #8 is a great one...and it's time.