Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Have Liftoff: Zaarly Launches in Kansas City

Fasten your seatbelts.  Zaarly has launched in Kansas City. 

Ink reporter Sarah Gish made the first Zaarly transaction
when she delivered coffee to the Zaarly team. 
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I can't say I was too surprised when I opened my Ink magazine to find a full article about Zaarly.com.  After all, the online business is truly booming and word is getting out about the new business.  And how could it not?  Zaarly's easy-to-use digital platform gets you what you want, when you want it at the click of a mouse (or touch of a button!).  Have an extra wireless mouse lying around?  Someone near the Downtown Airport will pay you $20 for it.  Got some time on your hands?  An office in Kansas City needs someone to hang 6 photos on their walls...and they'll give you $50 for it.  What you want, when you want it: that's Zaarly.

Tomorrow night, Zaarly is having its Kansas City launch party at bizperc (1800 Baltimore Kansas City, MO) from 5:30-8:00pm. With knockout supporters like Ashton Kutcher, an incredible team like Adam Coomes and Bo Fishback backing it up, and the Zaarly buzz circulating throughout Kansas City (and even across the nation!), it's plain to see that Zaarly has a lot to celebrate.  Become a part of the Zaarly community and come down to bizperc tomorrow to connect with the Zaarly team, learn more about the company, and find out how its changing the local marketplace.  Or just come by for some awesome appetizers, beer, and wine.  The Zaarly launch is being presented by KC IT Professionals

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Written by Allison Way.

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