Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Would You Do With $15,000 and a Vision?

Expert story-teller Shelley Armato plans to discuss her “rags to riches” story at Think Big Kansas City.

“I love the energy of people that are thinking big,” says Shelley Armato, owner of Marathon Digital Services.  “I am excited to share the wisdom of how I Think Big so that others can play on that playground.” 
Shelley is talking about presenting at Think Big Kansas City.  Her presentation, Turning Passion into Profits, will not only “wow” the audience, but will also motivate entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and small business owners to chase their dreams.
“I am going to present the journey I’ve been on,” says Shelley.  “I started my company six years ago with $15,000 and a vision.  And I turned it into a multi-million dollar software company.” 
Shelley’s passion for success and even greater passion for courage has led her to formulate a new “product”: the Courage Coalition—an event that empowers people to take off their masks and live their lives freely. 
“I’m an expert story-teller,” says Shelley.  “When I talk about the obstacles that I’ve overcame, it jazzes me up to watch people think, ‘Seriously!?’ You really did that!?’  Yeah.  I really did that.  And you can, too.”
Join Shelley and many other inspiring guest speakers at the 2nd annual Think Big Kansas City conference.  To see the speaker agenda, click here. 
Think Big!
Written by Allison Way

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  1. Glad to hear that it worked out for Shelley... She must be something special! I have plenty of friends who have fallen by the wayside, with much deeper pockets!