Monday, June 13, 2011

bizperc Joins Loosecubes and the Online Workspace Community

Oh, the power of the Internet.  Tweeting has become the new form of marketing.  Facebook has become the best advertising technique.  And LinkedIn has become the new way to find a job.  So what’s next?  It seems as if there are new social media sites popping up left and right.  While some are extremely beneficial, others may be a waste of time.  But the newest site that we utilize proved itself worthy within the first 8 minutes of using it.
I signed up bizperc (our coworking space in downtown Kansas City) on Loosecubes last week.  The Loosecubes online community connects people with workspaces from all around the U.S.  It’s the best way for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners to find a space to get inspired, do work, and collaborate with others. 
At 11:36AM, I registered bizperc on Loosecubes.  At 11:44AM, bizperc received its first reservation request.  It only took 8 minutes to get noticed on Loosecubes.  The message that was sent to us was this:
I'd love to check this out! I've been a big fan of Loosecubes and I had been waiting for a place to open up here in KC. I'm a designer and developer, own my own business, and I'm looking for a nice place to get some work done now and then.
The next day, the potential tenant came in for a tour.  An hour or two later, we were discussing possible opportunities for collaboration with this tenant. 
We were shocked at the quick turnaround of Loosecubes.  For a site that launched just a short time ago, the Loosecubes online environment has become popular by entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere.  Loosecubes currently displays 1,349 spaces in 306 cities across the United States.  The company prides itself on providing unconventional workspaces for an unconventional workforce.  This could not align more perfectly with our vision at bizperc. 
To check out bizperc on Loosecubes, click here. 
Written by Allison Way.

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