Thursday, June 30, 2011

Innovation: Sparking the Flame in Kansas City

Inside of every entrepreneur, there is a flame.  But it’s up to them to decide what they do with it. 
But one of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship is igniting the flame—taking a leap of faith, getting started, discovering a big idea.  But now, Kansas City entrepreneurs have a chance to spark that flame.  And it all starts at the Chamber’s 2011 Innovation Conference, Innovation: Sparking the Flame.
On Thursday, July 14th, The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is hosting The 2011 Innovation Conference at H&R Block World Headquarters in Kansas City.  The full-day conference is said to be a high-energy, interactive get-together for executives, innovative companies, and entrepreneurs to come together to discuss effective business strategies, inspire creative change, and apply the latest techniques to new business.
But there’s more to the conference than just that.  After all, it’s an innovation of course it’s going to be a little out of the ordinary.
  • Join the Kansas City chamber as it welcomes Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist for NASA’s Langley Research Center and conference keynote speaker.
  • Engage in a variety of breakout sessions that cover the culture of innovation, the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship, angel investing and public policy, and the profiles of emerging local entrepreneurs in different stages of business.  Panelists will include Herb Sih and Tyler Prochnow of Think Big Partners, Jeff Pfaff of mtb Mobile, J. Larry Sanders of SFP and Gail Lozoff of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza.
  • Learn about the “History of Kansas City Innovation” from Tom and Henry Bloch themselves.
  • Dive into “Innovation 20/20”, where three local entrepreneurs will share their stories of innovation in a fast-paced format. 
The flame is there—it’s just up to you to decide what you’re going to do with it.  Start igniting your own entrepreneurial flame and attend The Chamber’s 2011 Innovation Conference, Innovation: Sparking the Flame. 
Written by Allison Way.

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