Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Through the Day Without a Cup of Coffee

How today’s youth can inspire us to innovate, create and Think Big...without caffeine.  

Today’s youth will determine the future of business.  And this may be a good thing. 

The 16-30 age crowd is getting noticed due to their creative and innovative business ideas.  More than ever before, there is a movement of young people equipped with the drive and motivation to become promising entrepreneurs. Here are some reasons why young people are such good candidates for being likely entrepreneurs:

  1. Young people tend to start business ventures that they are passionate about- it’s not all about the money if they aren’t even paying their own bills yet.
  2. They are lively and energetic without necessarily downing coffee all day.
  3. Young entrepreneurs haven’t quite lost their childlike creative mind, which helps them come up with original and unique ideas while keeping a positive mindset.
Tiffany Krause of Kansas City is just one of the many young entrepreneurs emerging with huge potential. Krause, a recent high school graduate, discovered that she could combine her love of music and kids into a viable business plan. She began The Music Box, which is an in-home piano and voice lesson venture targeted at teaching kids between the ages of 5 and 16.  Recently, Tiffany was awarded with first place honors in the Youth Entrepreneurs 2010 Northeast Regional Business Plan competition. In addition to this, she was granted a $1,000 scholarship from Ernst and Young at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala for her entrepreneurial venture.  Krause’s positive attitude of perseverance shines through: “Work hard and don’t give up. If it’s something you’re really passionate about, you can make it happen.” 

Krause exemplifies not only “the youth are the future,” but she truly proves that the youth are creating the future. She is a perfect example of a young person with the capabilities to Think Big- sans the coffee overload (at least for now!). 

Written by Genevieve Alander.

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