Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shannon Schlappi's Locker Partner Thrives in bizperc

Although Shannon Schlappi and his team at Locker Partner moved into bizperc a month ago, the dynamic business is growing through the inspiration and collaboration it gains from the coworking space.

What do you get when you mix a serial entrepreneur with an open coworking space, a downtown location, and expert startup resources?  You get a match made in entrepreneurial heaven.

That's exactly what Shannon Schlappi, co-founder of Locker Partner, has found at bizperc.  Although Shannon and his team only moved in a month ago, the dynamic business is growing through the inspiration and collaboration it gains from the bizperc coworking space in downtown Kansas City. 

Shannon has moved around Kansas City four different times in the pursuit of a beneficial office space for Locker Partner.  But now that he's at bizperc, it seems as if the company has found a home. 

"First of all, [bizperc's] location is great," says Shannon.  "Secondly, it's an organization that offers support to its tenants without being overbearing.  There is a lot of common ground here that can drive future opportunities."

As a group of disruptive social media, music marketing and music management professionals, Locker Partner helps brands and bands establish organic and meaningful relationships with consumer communities. The company's edgy feel and digital approach fits in well with bizperc's modern-meets-Midwest atmosphere. 

"I want to continue our growth and create more relationships with the brands that we love," says Shannon.  "We are still thriving.  In fact, we haven't even scratched the surface of what we are able to do.  I am looking forward to the evolution of our brand strategy."

Serial entrepreneurs like Shannon (who has also founded Snappi Media, Anxiety Records and Rockdex) thrive in coworking spaces like bizperc.  As a matter of fact, Shannon met his current partner, David Snodgrass, in 1996 at a "high-speed" Internet cafe- just another example of how a coworking space can spark innovation and collaboration!

Written by Allison Way.

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