Tuesday, July 26, 2011

8 Reasons Why Kansas City Coworking Works

"Coworking spaces only belong in Silicon Valley."

"There aren't any coworking spaces in Kansas City."

"Coworking is just a fad."

False. False. False. 

Working in a shared and collaborative coworking space has become a trend for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.  But these coworking spots are not just popping up in Silicon Valley or tech hubs like Boston and Austin.  Coworking spaces are everywhere; from Denver to Nashville, New Orleans to Omaha.  And of course, there are a few dynamite coworking spaces in Kansas City

But of all cities, why cowork in the City of Fountains?  There are 8 great reasons why Kansas City coworking may be just what you need.

1. Kansas City is creative
With the Kansas City Maker Faire, the KC Chamber Innovation Conference and many other creative events, companies, and people, Kansas City is bursting with creativity and innovation.  Come see the creativity for yourself in any of Kansas City's coworking spaces.

2. Kansas City is tight-knit
Kansas City is big enough to make an impact, but small enough to remain a tight-knit community.  That means that Kansas City is a friendly, neighborly city in the heart of America.

3. Kansas City is thriving
Google Fiber.  Zaarly.  Think Big Partners.  These are just a few examples of the new implementations that are catching some major attention in Kansas City.  These additions to KC prove that the city is growing and thriving, making it the ideal spot to cowork.

4. Kansas City is busy
With dozens of daily networking events, launch parties, cocktail receptions and banquets, Kansas City is always in hustle-and-bustle mode.  That means that there are hundreds of people to meet, places to see and events to attend.

5. Kansas City is entrepreneurially strong
Kansas City has a vibrancy to it and much of it comes from the startups that have launched in the area.  From hundreds of local restaurants to thriving startup companies, Kansas City is becoming a hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. 

6. Kansas City has history
Although KC is strong when it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, it is also rich in big business history.  From Helzberg to H&R Block to Hallmark (the 3 big H's), Kansas City knows how to take a small businesses and make them go down in history.

7. Kansas City is refreshing
Get away from the superficialities of the Silicon Valley area and steer clear of the smog taking over Boston and come to Kansas City to cowork!  If you need a step away from the obvious tech hubs of the nation, Kansas City is the city to cowork in.

8. Kansas City has the space
Currently, Kansas City has three very different coworking spaces.  Innovation Cafe, Officeport and bizperc all target unique entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners who are looking to network, think outside the box and of course...cowork.

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Written by Allison Way

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