Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is Your City Ready to Think Big?

If you’re anything like us, you may have noticed a lack of entrepreneurial spirit in your city.  But with the declining economy and severe unemployment rates, now is the best time to build up the startup communities throughout the nation.

And that’s what we’re doing.  We’re bringing entrepreneurs together.  We are uniting investors.  We are educating students.  We are Thinking Big.
We have developed the Think Big Conference with every city in mind.  The Think Big Conference is a jam-packed day-long event in which aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs can come together under one roof to celebrate entrepreneurship, build a startup scene and find motivation and inspiration to turn ideas into something big.  And now is your chance to get the conference in your city.
What started as a local event in Kansas City is now branching out across the nation.  This year, the Think Big Conference was successful for the second year in a row in Kansas City and was unleashed in Baltimore in mid-July.  Both conferences brought in hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, startups, panelists and inspirational keynote speakers to help ignite the entrepreneurial flame in their communities.  The results, both financially and socially, were phenomenal. 
The truth of the matter is, entrepreneurship exists in more places than Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin.  It’s our responsibility to bring it out of the dark.  Bring the Think Big Conference to your city this year and build your community, strengthen your startup scene, and improve the economy in just one day.
To bring the conference to your city, contact us!  Call 816.842.5244 or check out and email us. 
We cannot wait to Think Big with you.
Written by Allison Way

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