Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Passion Fueled the Fire at Kansas City’s Blue Grotto

John Grier’s restaurant, Blue Grotto, may serve up hundreds of Artisan-style pizzas a day, but it’s not the fire from the pizza oven that fuels this KC restaurant—it’s John’s entrepreneurial passion for the business.
John Grier opened Blue Grotto in June of 2008 and since its launch, the restaurant has become a local favorite for Brookside residents, Kansas City diners, and out-of-town visitors.   Blue Grotto has even been nominated for Best Small Business by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. 
“I went to Italy and I fell in love with Artisan-style pizza,” says John.  “We needed it in Kansas City.  Blue Grotto gave me the opportunity to teach people what real pizza is all about.”
But it’s time to cut to the chase.  Any blog can suggest a good, local restaurant.  So what makes Blue Grotto the place to go for a dinner out?  John believes it’s the atmosphere, the bringing together of people and the outstanding food.
“When you walk into Blue Grotto, you fall in love,” says John.  And he’s right.  Blue Grotto is located in the heart of Brookside, one of the most beloved areas of Kansas City.  With one of the best outdoor patios in Kansas City and a modern indoor eating area and bar, Blue Grotto has an atmosphere that everybody can enjoy. 
“You can bring your kids here one night and then go on a date night the next,” says John.  And it’s true...there is something for everyone.  From Artisan pizzas to small Mediterranean plates, from knockout Italian desserts to a killer happy hour menu, Blue Grotto serves it all.
But, as everybody knows, starting up a restaurant is no easy task.  And Blue Grotto, like all restaurants, had its ups-and-downs in its startup phase.
“It took a long time to become a success,” says John.  “But it was worth it!”
Because of Blue Grotto’s renowned success throughout the Brookside area of Kansas City, John plans on opening more locations in the future.  He is aiming for two more restaurants in the next seven years, keeping the “go big or go home” mentality in mind. 
The “go big or go home” mentality resides in many entrepreneurs throughout the Kansas City area—but especially within John.  When asked what advice he would give other entrepreneurs looking to start a business, he replied, “Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help, even outside of the restaurant industry.”
Good luck to John Grier and the Blue Grotto restaurant.  Thanks for Thinking Big and bringing a successful (and delicious) restaurant to Kansas City!
Written by Allison Way

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