Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 25-Hour Day: InQuest Marketing Makes it Possible

"Who doesn't want an extra hour in their day?" asks Jody Hanson of InQuest Marketing.

An extra hour can be spent working on a big project, spending time with family, taking a longer lunch or traveling to a different side of the country.  Everybody could use an extra hour in the day, but the people who need 25 hours the most seem to be entrepreneurs.

Which is why InQuest Marketing has decided to host The 25th Hour Entrepreneur Challenge -- a competition in which entrepreneurs throughout Kansas City can submit their ideas with the hopes of winning 25 straight hours of marketing services from InQuest.  InQuest is geared up to provide deliverables such as research marketing, creative design help, business plan development, media strategy, and other marketing aspects to one lucky entrepreneurial winner for 25 hours straight in order to benchmark the company's 25th anniversary. 

"Our core passion has always been helping innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners and true visionaries accomplish their goals," says Jody, PR account executive at InQuest.  "The 25th Hour Entrepreneur Challenge fits right in with that passion and allows us to give back to Kansas City."

The 25th Hour Entrepreneur Challenge is looking for the next big idea -- it could be a product or service that's currently not on the market, an invention that needs tinkering, or a business idea that's always been in the back of your mind.  After submitting the big idea, InQuest will hold a 25-hour work session, at no cost, to one standout winner. 

"We are looking for a well-thought out idea and someone who believes in it," says Jody.  "We want to promote entrepreneurship and help people bring their ideas to life."

To apply for The 25th Hour Entrepreneur Challenge, visit InQuest Marketing online and fill out the application.  Who knows?  Maybe you will get the chance to have a 25-hour work day.

Written by Allison Way

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