Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art + Technology + Passion = Beasley Creative

Within all of us, there is some type of creativity.

Some people think creatively through their use of strategizing; finding the right solutions to specific problems.  Think lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

Some people think creatively through writing; using robust language and imaginative descriptions to captivate readers and formulate an audience.  Think authors, bloggers and copywriters.

Some people think creatively through using numbers; manipulating formulas and diving into numeric problems.  Think architects, engineers, and accountants.

But when most of us think of creativity, we tend to give credit to those who are creative in the field of art and design.  And for good reason.  Art and design requires a higher level of creativity that many people just aren't capable of.  And one such example of this is Coty Beasley of Beasley Creative.

As a native of Kansas City, Coty Beasley grew up with a passion for engineering, but a love for art.  By combining these two interests together, he found the wonderful world of graphic design and started his own business, Beasley Creative, about three years ago.

"I have always been computer-oriented," says Coty.  "But I enjoyed the passion that came from art.  I found the field of graphic design because it encompassed both of these things."

Coty Beasley of Beasley Creative.
The idea for Beasley Creative came to Coty about five years ago.  Within the past five years, Coty developed a web design and development company that incorporates the latest standards and maintainability. After Coty launched the company, he worked with many small businesses from the comfort of his home.  As time went on, however, Coty started feeling the effects of working out of his lonely apartment.

"I could never leave the home!" Coty says. "Day and night became the same.  There was no human contact.  I needed fresh air and people to meet."

In other words, finding a coworking space in Kansas City was a must.

That's when Coty logged onto Loosecubes, an online coworking space directory, and found bizperc.  A few hours later, Coty had purchased a 10-pack punch card and was hard at work in the modern Kansas City coworking space.

"I found bizperc and saw that it was heading the direction that I wanted to go," says Coty.  "The per day price was cheap enough to give it a try! But then it ended up being in the perfect location with great resources and helpful connections, too."

Not to mention, Coty could stay in Kansas City, which was exactly where he needed to be.

"Kansas City has a great art scene, plus the Sprint headquarters, plus Google Fiber," he says. "That is a recipe for a technology boom.  It is the perfect breeding ground for entrepreneurs." 

How does Coty Beasley Think Big? "My field is new enough to provide me with the ability to change things.  I have the ability to educate and progress my industry here in Kansas City." 

Written by Allison Way

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