Monday, August 1, 2011

The Crossroads Says Farewell to the Arts Incubator

Think Big Partners was the new kid on the block when it opened the bizperc coworking space in the Crossroads District back in August of 2010.  Most of the establishments that reside in the Crossroads District have been there for years and years.  Some have been there for so long, that they have been known to "define" the Crossroads District.  And one of these buildings is the Arts Incubator of Kansas City.

The Arts Incubator helped Think Big Partners feel right at home.  As a friendly neighbor to TBP and bizperc, the Arts Incubator was a textbook example of a successful, well-run nontechnology incubator for over a decade.  But due to recent building and licensing violations, the AIKC's board of directors decided to close the incubator permanently, including its event space, showcasing floor, and studio space. 

As a tribute to the Arts Incubator of Kansas City, Think Big would like to display some photos of the infamous Kansas City incubator.  This is how we saw our friendly neighbor each and every day from our own windows. 

Looking into the Arts Incubator's empty event space from a window at bizperc.
A view of the Arts Incubator from the bizperc kitchen.

Something old, something new.  The Kauffman Center for Performing Arts
peeks out over the Arts Incubator roof. 

The two incubators side-by-side: Arts Incubator and bizperc coworking space.

The Arts Incubator was a huge part of First Fridays in the Crossroads District.

Signs that cover the Arts Incubator door.

Other Crossroads establishments such as Nara and bizperc have offered
to help out those looking for a space for events.

Farewell to the Arts Incubator.

Written by Allison Way

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