Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes, All You Need is Opportunity

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”

This famous quote from Napoleon Bonaparte reveals that sometimes, you just need a little opportunity to get where you want to be.  This is true for every aspect of life: making a new best friend, landing your first job, making it on the high school basketball team, starting a new business—it all begins with opportunity.  Opportunity is the first stepping stone in creating a successful life.
Which is why Jessica Garand started the Opportunity Music Project.
The Opportunity Music Project, based out of New York City, is a movement that provides underprivileged children the chance to find passion, hard work and opportunity through music.  Children involved in the Opportunity Music Project are taught an instrument and then perform for the homeless, the elderly or for hospital patients.  The project offers children interested in music with the opportunity to take private music lessons and learn the value of service within the community.
“The Opportunity Music Project came from the accumulation of all of my experiences,” says Jessica Garand, the founder of the Opportunity Music Project. “I performed for the elderly and in hospitals when I was young.  I want these students to have this same experience and develop the same leadership skills that I did.”
The Opportunity Music Project provides students with weekly half-hour lessons on the viola or violin.  Students and their families are then encouraged to attend classical music concerts around New York City, participate in meetings within the project, and perform in a final concert.
“My favorite part of this experience has been seeing the kids inspired about music,” says Garand.  “When I saw the kids’ faces after their final concert, it was amazing.  Also, seeing the support from their families is incredible.”
The Opportunity Music Project recently partnered up with, a company based out of Kansas City, Missouri.  With, OMP now has even more of an opportunity to improve children's lives through the magic of music.
In addition, a documentary is being filmed about the Opportunity Music Project which will be completed in the weeks to come.  In the inspirational documentary, viewers can see how the Opportunity Music Project has transformed the lives of every underprivileged child involved.  The documentary proves that anybody can achieve their dreams—no matter how out-of-reach they may seem at first.
Because after all, it all begins with opportunity. 
Written by Allison Way

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