Friday, September 16, 2011

Gigabit Speeds from Kansas City to Silicon Valley

As our co-founder Herb Sih was making his way around Silicon Valley this past week, he decided to stop in a small cafe on the Stanford Campus to attend to a few thousand emails. 

After working for a few hours, he couldn't help but wonder how Google's one-gigabit fiber network could impact a small place like The Cafe in Silicon Valley.  Faster internet speeds provide more capabilities and could offer even greater opportunities for those working in a small cafe just like this one. 

Google's fiber network has the capability to impact many new businesses and tech startups, but it also has the ability to support schools, local organizations and even small cafes like the one displayed above.

Want to jump on the Google fiber bandwagon?  We have the opportunity for you.  Think Big Partners has opened up the Gigabit Challenge - a business plan competition looking for a new, disruptive idea to work on the Google Fiber network.  Think you've got what it takes?  Check out the Gigabit Challenge website to learn more.  Applications and more details will go live on the site on October 3rd.  Also, be sure to follow The Gigabit Challenge at @GBChallengeKC.  Stay tuned!

Google seems to be capable of anything.  What do you think it can do?

Written by Allison Way


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