Friday, September 16, 2011

bizperc Perk: Free Tech Hours on September 20th at bizperc

"Ugh!  My computer froze again!"

"Shoot.  I think I just got a virus."

"Why is my computer moving so slow!?"

"I think I need to update my virus protection..."

Are these exclamations that you hear from the coworkers in your office?  At bizperc, we tend to hear them quite a bit.  As an open coworking space in downtown Kansas City, we have come to find that everyone has a computer issue every once in awhile. 

But all took a collective sigh of relief when one bizperc tenant came to help out with this problem:  Dr. Dave.

Dr. Dave has been making "mouse calls" for residential, small office and home office customers in Kansas City for years.  And we're lucky enough to have him host free tech hours at bizperc on September 20th.  Think you've got a virus?  Computer moving slower than normal?  Have no idea how to work your new iPhone?  Dr. Dave has your answers!

bizperc tenants, it's time to avoid the bugs, viruses and malfunctions that you encounter on a daily basis.  Sign up for free tech hours with Dr. Dave today!  Email Sarah at to schedule your free appointment and consultation.

Written by Allison Way