Friday, September 16, 2011

Mompreneurs Unite at the Treasure You Girlfriend's Retreat

It’s been stated notoriously that a dog is a man’s best friend. 

But what’s a woman’s best friend?

Is it her make-up, allowing her to feel beautiful, refreshed, sophisticated, and (sometimes) a little over-the-top?
Is it her clothes, filling her closet with colorful threads, knock-out shoes and sparkling dresses?
Or is it her beloved purse, holding her most prized possessions like her wallet, her pocket mirror and of course, a breath mint or two? 

Of course not.  In fact, a woman’s best friend is not a material item at all.  Instead, a woman’s best friend is her ability to be a woman; it’s her empowerment.

But how does a woman find this empowerment inside of her?  For some, it can be easily pulled out during “girl time”.  Pat Smith, founder of Treasure You, finds her girl-time from sipping cocktails with her best friends and attending luncheons with her girlfriends.  Girl time is a chance for women to treasure themselves as well as the women that have become a part of their everyday lives.

But what about the women that feel lonely, scared or frustrated and do not have a way to release their inner-woman and find their empowerment?  That’s where Treasure You comes in.

Treasure You is an organization that centers around building a community that supports, inspires and celebrates women in their journey to discover self-worth.  By leading with purpose, passion and power, Treasure You events allow those women who feel down and out revive their hearts, connect with other women spiritually and release their feminine prowess.

And a Treasure You event is right around the corner!  This weekend, Pat Smith, in accordance with Treasure You, is hosting the Treasure You Girlfriend's Retreat in Dallas, Texas.   
The event kicks off with a Taste of Mexico dinner party and private pajama party on Friday night.  On Saturday, attendees will enjoy a morning workout followed by valuable sessions and a message by Pat Smith herself during Burgers ‘n Banana Splits.  Saturday is rounded out by a Treasure You Luxury Experience where attendees will be pampered, shop, have fun and learn from smart and savvy women entrepreneurs.

We are looking forward to more Treasure You events so that women (and especially those hard-working mompreneurs) can treasure themselves and the amazing work that they do.

Written by Allison Way

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