Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Take an Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Drop and give me 20!  That may be the last thing anybody wants to hear when they're pushing through a tough workout.  But those extra 20 pushups can distinguish a strong-willed athlete from a lazy couch potato.  And we like to think of entrepreneurship the same way.

Sometimes, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a little nudge.  We're not asking you to drop and give us 20, but we are asking for you to put your heart and soul into your business idea.  One of the best ways to get people to push themselves beyond what they believed they could do through a bootcamp experience.  And we're not talking about the 3-week bootcamp at your local gym.  We're talking about an intensive entrepreneur bootcamp--the perfect tool to whip your butt into startup shape!

Why take an entrepreneur bootcamp?

1.  Entrepreneur bootcamps are motivating.  Signing up for an entrepreneur bootcamp is a lot like signing up for a gym membership; if you don't sign up, pay and speak with a trainer, you have a lesser chance of working out at all.  Entrepreneur bootcamps are created so that entrepreneurs are motivated to make the time to improve a business. 

2. You'll meet others who are looking to accomplish similar goals.  Working out (or working on your business) with others is inspirational and allows for the sharing of ideas, goals and advice.  Attend an entrepreneur bootcamp and you will have access to some of the best and brightest presenters as well as entrepreneurs and startups who may be in the same position that you are. 

3. Entrepreneur bootcamps are energizing.  Exercise is an extremely energizing activity.  In fact, people who exercise exude more energy than those who opt out of daily or weekly workouts.  Energize your brain at an entrepreneur bootcamp and you will see amazing results...for your business!  Energize your body and your brain at an entrepreneur bootcamp and see what it does for your personal life as well!

4.  Entrepreneur bootcamps leave you with awesome tools.  Although you may not be able to take the gym's yoga mat, dumb bells and treadmills with you, entrepreneur bootcamps allow you to take items that will help you enhance your business.  Leave an entrepreneur bootcamp with flyers, pamphlets, packets and sometimes even goodies to get your idea kick-started.

5.  Bang for your buck!  One-time classes, as we all know, are more expensive at a gym.  Purchasing an entire bootcamp package gives you more bang for your buck.  Entrepreneur bootcamps do the same thing.  When most one-time sessions cost a flat rate, entrepreneur bootcamps usually run at a discounted price for an entire package.

Stay tuned this week for even more information about entrepreneur bootcamps in Kansas City!  In fact, we will be rolling out a special announcement this week that you won't want to miss out on.

Written by Allison Way

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