Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Become a Social Media Master. A Wizard. A Guru!

Imagine life without Facebook.  How would we keep in touch with friends?
Or going throughout the day without Twitter.  Would we still be able to find breaking news in mere seconds?

Or looking for a new job without LinkedIn.  How would we connect with professionals to amp up our own careers?

Life without social media is scary.  This disruptive idea has turned our world upside-down...and for the better.  We cannot help but love it.

Since social media literally surrounds us every single day (did you check-in to that restaurant on Foursquare during your lunch hour?  We probably did.), it is obviously an important tool to integrate into business.  But what's the best way of going about that?

Get all of the tips, tricks and advice you need about becoming a social media guru at Social Media Masters: Kansas City.  This week, the Social Media Club of Kansas City and Sensei Marketing are teaming up to bring you insights into taking your social media skills to the next level.  Whether you're a social media professional or an online marketer, this program is your chance to go beyond a typical introductory course and get advanced training from true Social Media Masters. 

Ready to become a social media master?  A wizard?  An all-out guru?  Register for the Social Media Masters event.  The event kicks off on Friday, October 21 bright and early at 8:00 AM.  Learn more here

Written by Allison Way

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