Monday, October 31, 2011

KCADC Asks, "Are You Learning as Fast as Kansas City is Changing?"

Last week, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) published a blog titled “Are You Learning as Fast as Kansas City is Changing?”  We would love to ask you the same question.

From the KCADC blog:

Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine and author of Practically Radical, is a firm believer in embracing the fast pace of the world. In his article, The 10 Questions Every Game Changer Must Answer, Taylor notes that the above question may be the most important to ask yourself. Are you keeping up?

“I first heard this question from strategy guru Gary Hamel, the world-renowned innovation expert, and it is the ultimate challenge for any executive determined to unleash big change in difficult circumstances. In a world that never stops changing, great leaders can never stop learning. How do you push yourself to keep growing and evolving—so your company can do the same? And remember: Among leaders and organizations, the most eager learners tend to be the most accomplished teachers as well. So look for ways to share what you’ve learned.”
— Bill Taylor, The 10 Questions Every Game Changer Must Answer

Kansas City, that’s the boat we’re in. We’re changing. We’re evolving. We’re learning. And with the addition of Google Fiber, we have the opportunity to do it faster than any other city in the nation.

Because of the Google Fiber initiative, our city will be forever changed. Many Kansas City organizations are joining forces with tech innovators to create new apps and businesses utilizing the lightning-speed network, and in turn, a number of big media names have put the spotlight on Kansas City; from the Wall Street Journal (Where the ActionIs – Kansas City) to Entrepreneurs Unpluggd (4Entrepreneurial Cities to Keep Your Eye On), from Forbes (America’s BestDowntowns – Kansas City #7) to Wired Magazine (Google ChoosesKansas City, Kansas as Broadband Mecca).

Is Kansas City learning as fast as the world is changing? Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep up with the speed (not only of the city…but of the Internet too!). So what can we do to slow down, embrace the change and fully understand what’s going on in our city?

It may all start at the Kansas City Area Development Council’s Annual Meeting on November 4th.  Aptly named FastKC, KCADC’s Annual Meeting will feature keynote speaker Bill Taylor. At the event, Taylor and other Kansas City business and civic leaders will share how light-speed advancements in global commerce will affect business. The event will look at radical ideas and offer practical advice that will help anyone get a jump on the competition.

Join KCADC, Bill Taylor, Mayor Sly James, MayorJoe Reardon and hundreds of Kansas City thought- and industry-leaders at FastKC: KCADC’s 2011 Annual Meeting. Tickets are on sale now: Register today. And when people start asking if you’re learning as fast as the city is changing, you can confidently reply, “Yes.”

Written by Ashlie Hand
@ithinkkc @kc_next

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