Friday, October 28, 2011

The Scariest Part of Entrepreneurship: Your Top 3 Answers!

Halloween is almost here, which for many means a weekend filled with horror movies, haunted housed, and costume parties. The great thing about Halloween is that it allows everyone to make light of the things that they fear. Seeing a coworker dressed up as a zombie is more amusing than it is frightening.

This month’s blog poll aimed to expose what entrepreneurs fear most, so that we can help address these fears and ease some startup nightmares. Here are the top three entrepreneurial fears we uncovered:
  1. I don’t know anything about running a startup company (32%)
  2. My business will become my life and I won’t have time for other things I enjoy (27%)
  3. I fear failure (27%)
All three fears are scary, but you don’t have to face them alone. There are great business resources here in Kansas City like Think Big Partners and bizperc that will help shed light on your darkest fears. Just like your coworker in a zombie costume, once you face your fears head on, you may find that they are not as frightening as you think!

Happy Halloween from Think Big!

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