Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't be a a Zuckerberg! The Must-Knows of Intellectual Property

"Does a guy who makes a really good chair owe money to anyone who ever made a chair?"  -- Mark Zuckerberg
The popular movie, The Social Network, isn't just about the founding of Facebook.   It's about entrepreneurship, competition, but perhaps most importantly; it's about intellectual property. 

In the movie (and I suppose in real life), the Winklevoss twins have a plan for an exclusive Harvard student network.  In the process, the twins are upstaged by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of what is known today as Facebook.  In the film, Zuckerberg defends his online empire from lawsuits alleging that he stole the Winklevoss's idea; an intellectual property claim.  But when it boils down to it; who was right and who was wrong?  As we all know, Mark Zuckerberg won in the end...but should he have?

We're glad he did.  After all, we can't picture a day without checking our many Facebook accounts. 

Intellectual property is confusing.  But just as it's confusing, it's also extremely important to understand. So how can you, as an bright-eyed entrepreneur, guarantee that your incredible idea won't be stolen?  How can you prevent what the Winklevosses experienced?

Dianne Smith-Misemer and Jennifer Bailey of Hovey Williams LLP believe it all starts with awareness.

"We find that most businesses do have intellectual property assets," says Dianne.  "Many times, they just don't know it.  Early detection can save a lot of grief later."

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of their intellectual property rights -- which is the main reason why Dianne and Jennifer are holding the Entrepreneur Bootcamp session "The Top Ten IP Must Knows for Any Business: Identifying and Maximizing Your Patent, Trademarks and Copyright Assets" on Tuesday, November 1st at bizperc

"Intellectual property can be the largest asset of a company," says Jennifer. "But many people do not know how to protect it.  They do not recognize that they have innovation and technology involved in their business.  That's why we're holding this educational session."

"We are looking forward to the session!" adds Dianne.  "What I like about this area is seeing the excitement from entrepreneurs.  What people don't realize is that they are affected by trademark, patent and copyright decisions every day.  To bring everyday business experiences and see how they blend with intellectual property will be great for entrepreneurs at this session." 

This Entrepreneur Bootcamp session, the 4th of 6, has been designed for any entrepreneur.  Join the Hovey Williams team and Think Big Partners and bizperc on November 1st and 3:00 and learn how to become the next Zuckerberg -- not the next Winklevoss!  Register today!

Written by Allison Way

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