Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reoccupy Your Main Street! Start by Entering Into The Gigabit Challenge

Last week, we released the blog Occupy Wall Street? Instead, Let's Reoccupy Main Street where we encouraged those with entrepreneurial spirits and minds to cowork, partner up, create buzz and collaborate with one another to produce more exciting jobs, fuel startup passion and make an improvement in the economy (without standing out in the 50 degree weather with signs). 

And although we asked you to follow your passion, launch your idea and create a business buzz throughout the city...we didn't really tell you how to go about doing it.  Shame on us.  Because after all, we are one of the Midwest's entrepreneurial resources and we believe that we should have the answer.

Today, we are here to tell you one of the best ways to Reoccupy Your Main Street.  We want you to bring life to the startup scene wherever you may be by bringing your best business idea to the table.  We want you to apply for The Gigabit Challenge.

The Gigabit Challenge is a worldwide business plan competition geared for the entrepreneur, startup company or high-growth business that wants to disrupt the tech industry on the Google Fiber network.  The Gigabit Challenge is asking for those with a business idea to submit an application and a 3-5 page executive summary to enter the Challenge. 

The emerging businesses that come from The Gigabit Challenge could take the first steps in reoccupying their very own Main Street.  The newly-established businesses will help to re-energize the city and bring steady growth to the economy. Not to mention, the winner of The Gigabit Challenge will win $100k in cash and startup services.  And if that isn't an incentive, then we don't know what is. 

But there's more to The Gigabit Challenge than meets the eye.  In a press release unleashed earlier today, The Gigabit Challenge announced that it was extending its submission deadline to November 18, 2011 (as opposed to October 31, 2011).  Although TGC did not explain why the extension was happening, the team behind the Challenge (Think Big Partners), did leak that there were some exciting upcoming announcements to be made in the next few weeks. 

Apply for The Gigabit Challenge and help reoccupy Main Street.  Get your business off the ground and turn the technology industry upside-down.  Apply now.

Written by Allison Way

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