Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unlock the Social Media Rockstar Within!

Are you ready to unlock the social media rock star within you? Next Tuesday's Entrepreneur Bootcamp will focus on creating an effective inbound marketing platform to launch your business for less. This interactive session will be presented by Think Big Partners' cofounder, Herb Sih; web designer, Blake Miller and senior copy editor, Allison Way.

"I am looking forward to teaching other Kansas City entrepreneurs about the importance of social media for small business and startups. It has become an extremely important part of marketing strategies," says Allison.

The traditional marketing landscape is changing, and it is important that businesses and marketers adjust with it.

"We have been conducting social media consulting and inbound marketing services through Think Big Partners and inboun for quite some time. We have so many companies that want to learn more about how to effectively execute social media efforts that we knew that this bootcamp was a must," says Allison.

Inbound marketing combines the tactics of social media marketing and content marketing all into one platform to achieve important business marketing goals. Stop interrupting and start getting your customers to reach out to you when they are ready to do business. Those attended next weeks bootcamp will learn:
  • An overview of major social networking platforms and how to use each one
  • How to evaluate your market (audience) and create a content strategy that will get people to engage with you and your brand
  • How to understand the "recipe" to integrate your social media and content marketing efforts to maximize results
  • How to create the right image and profiles that demand attention on the 3 top social networking platforms
  • How to create an actionable social media marketing playbook that you can execute on your own
  • An understanding of the difference between earned media, paid media, and placed media and the benefits of each
  • How to create compelling content that will reinforce your brand, optimize your website and support your business goals
  • Real case studies that showcase tactics you can use to achieve your marketing goals

Join Think Big Partners and bizperc on November 8th at 3:oo and learn how to master the art and science that is inbound marketing. This will be an interactive session, so be sure to bring your laptop! Register today!

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