Wednesday, November 2, 2011

World Fans Rejoice! Panofan Tags You During Your Favorite Fan Moments

bizperc tenants debut Panofan, a technology that allows fans to share their favorite moments with friends and families.  

One of the most popular uses of Facebook is photo tagging.  People of all ages love to upload their pictures to Facebook, create photo albums, and tag their friends and family members (and quite recently, tag the location where the photo was taken, also known as location tagging.).  Facebook photo albums take the idea of social sharing to a whole new level, and everyone seems to get sucked in.

But not even Facebook pictures can capture the moments that we wish we could go back to; the big football game, our favorite rock concert, that incredible music festival.  No matter how many pictures we take and upload during these events, we will never be able to capture the entire essence of the experience; the amount of fans, the energy in the stadiums, what the venue looked like on that day.  But now, it's possible.

Cue Panofan.

Panofan, created by bizperc tenants Shannon Schlappi, David Snodgrass (Locker Partner) and Clayton Snodgrass as well as Carnegie Mellon University, is a state-of-the-art technology that creates a world fan experience that lives on well after the event of the photo has passed.  Panofan allows fans to share special moments with friends and family and capture those moments forever.  Panofan utilizes developments from the NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group and support from Google in order to produce detailed panoramic pictures and take social photo tagging and sharing to the next level.

How does Panofan work?

1.  Panofan takes a panoramic 360 degree picture of the entire stadium or venue.
You can view your 360 degree picture on  

2.  Zoom in and find the section that you and your friends/family were located.

3.  Zoom in even further and tag yourself and your friends!

4. The final result! Zoom back out and see others that have been tagged.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the first sports team to try out the Panofan technology.  You can view the demo here and see the new development for yourself.

Panofan uses panoramic-gigapixel technology that produces incredible detail.  The detail is so precise that you can see your best friend eating a hot dog, the logo on the man's hat sitting behind you, the child's exact facial expression on your left.  What will you be doing when the Panofan camera flashes?  Just make sure you're in your seat and not in line at the concession stand.  This is an incredible opportunity that you will want to be a part of!  Rejoice, world fans.  Panofan is here.

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