Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kauffman Sketches Kansas City as the City of Entrepreneurs


Have you ever seen a Kauffman Sketchbook?  It's a new YouTube initiative brought to you by the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City.  In the Sketchbooks, Kauffman literally draws the important entrepreneurial movements that are occurring in and around the Kansas City area.  

From defining entrepreneurial "Magic Sauce" to teaching how to play the "Money Game", the Kauffman Foundation Sketchbooks teach anything and everything that entrepreneurs may need to know in an artistic and creative way.

Narrated by Mayor Sly James and Mayor Joe Reardon, the "City of Entrepreneurs" Sketchbook provides more than KC entrepreneur education.  It tells the story of Kansas City entrepreneurship in the here and now.  From covering the Google Fiber initiative, the history of entrepreneurship in Kansas City and the companies that KC entrepreneurs can find inspiration from (for example, Kauffman Labs, Think Big Partners, KCSourceLink and many others), the video proclaims Kansas City as the City of Entrepreneurs. 

In the video, Mayor Joe Reardon may have stated it best: "What's really being built here is the worldwide platform for entrepreneurship and the bridge that will take us into the future.  Together, we are committed to making Kansas City the City of Entrepreneurs, where we celebrate those who take risks, apply new technology and have the imagination and ingenuity to create something new." 

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  1. this video is GREAT! Thanks Allison for the pointer. I reblogged it.