Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lathrop & Gage Partners Up for Gigabit Challenge


When Lathrop & Gage was founded in 1873, the Kansas City law firm was devoted to running a business based on honor, service, trust and value.  And even though it is a whopping 138+ years later, Lathrop & Gage seems to uphold these four pillars--and most noticeably, the service pillar.

Lathrop & Gage has been giving back to the Kansas City community since it first planted its roots over one hundred years ago.  Lathrop & Gage is dedicated to being active and responsible of their communities.  In fact, the L&G attorneys and staff often give their time and talents to numerous civic, charitable and professional organizations.  The law firm currently serves in many leadership roles including their membership in the Center for Entrepreneurs. 

But now Lathrop & Gage is getting involved with entrepreneurship even further.  The KC law firm recently became involved in The Gigabit Challenge, a worldwide business plan competition built to disrupt technology on the Google Fiber network. 

As a Partner in The Gigabit Challenge, Lathrop & Gage is helping to build Kansas City into The City of Entrepreneurs.  By getting involved with the Challenge, this law firm will get a first-hand look at some of the exploding entrepreneurs that have the chance at winning and making their startup dreams come true.

A huge thanks to Lathrop & Gage for getting involved in The Gigabit Challenge.  If you are interested in partnering, please contact Ann DeAngelo at 816-842-5244. 

Follow The Gigabit Challenge! @GBChallengeKC

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