Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the 11th Day of Coworking bizperc Gave To Me...

This holiday, bizperc is hosting the 12 Days of Coworking.  For the next 12 business days, bizperc will be giving away awesome prizes in order to encourage entrepreneurs to celebrate the holiday season.  Watch the video above to learn about the 11th day of coworking...and win 11 days of free inbound marketing! 

"Like" bizperc on Facebook and share this video with your friends.  One lucky person will be randomly selected to win 11 days of inbound marketing.  Does your Facebook page need to be beefed up?  Are you lagging behind on Twitter?  Could the SEO on your blogs be improved?  If so, this is the Facebook contest for you!  Inboun will provide you with 11 days of marketing to amp up your business's online presence! 

Requirements: your company MUST already have a website in order to win this prize. Inbound marketing will include Twitter, Facebook, blogs and articles (setup and maintenance) for 11 business days.

Good luck and Think Big!

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