Monday, December 19, 2011

The South Thinks Big: Introducing Think Big Memphis!


Kansas City thinks big.  Baltimore thinks big.  And now, it's Memphis's turn. 

The Think Big conference is heading to the South!  After seeing the success of the first annual Think Big Kansas City, the second annual Think Big Kansas City and the first annual Think Big Baltimore, Memphis decided to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon, too.  Introducing, Think Big Memphis: The Premier Conference for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups! 

This Fall, join Memphis entrepreneurs, startups and big thinkers as the southwestern city we all know for its BBQ, Elvis Presley and the Mississippi River amps up its entrepreneurship and technological growth.  Think Big Memphis will be a jam-packed day in which aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs can come together under one roof to celebrate entrepreneurship, build the Memphis startup scene and find motivation and inspiration to turn an idea into something big.  

Want to become a part of the Think Big Nation?  Contact us at 816-842-5244 to hold the Think Big conference in your city!  Visit for more information.

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