Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Think Big Partners Announces Think Big Nation, Think Big Conference, New Coworking Space

Just before the Awards Ceremony began for The Gigabit Challenge Finale, Herb Sih of Think Big Partners took the podium to deliver some of Think Big Partners' biggest announcements of 2012. 

Think Big Nation

First, Think Big Partners announced the launch of Think Big Nation, the umbrella that will encapsulate the recent efforts of Think Big Partners.  This includes the creation of more coworking spaces, additional entrepreneurial conferences, new partnerships, its first accelerator class and funding developments.  Think Big Nation is a "not only for profit" effort that challenges how entrepreneurship works, how ideas become profitable and how companies get started.  

Think Big Conference

Think Big Conferences have been around for 2 years now (with locations in Kansas City and Baltimore), but Think Big Partners plans on growing the Conference even further by taking it nationwide.  Herb Sih announced that the Think Big Conference will branch out to other cities including Memphis and the potential of five other US cities that have mentioned interest in the event.  To learn more and to bring Think Big to your city, please click here.  

Coworking Space

Over a year ago, Think Big Partners launched its first coworking space known as bizperc in the Crossroads District of Kansas City.  In order to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship in the area, Think Big Partners and Five Elms Capital are launching a second coworking space called KCCowork.  The new coworking space is a Think Big Network Provider that will launch in Prairie Village, Kansas this Fall.  

First Accelerator Class

This year, Think Big Partners will also reveal its first accelerator class, which will be made up of a handful of high-growth startups (some of which from The Gigabit Challenge Finale) to work alongside Think Big Partners.  Those selected for the accelerator class will be mentored for effective presentations and pitches and then will be traveling to Silicon Valley to meet with investors and funders with Think Big.


Speaking of funding...Think Big Partners also announced the development of a fund which will be accessible to entrepreneurs everywhere.  The fund is being put in place to better facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship in the Midwest and across the country and to make capital more accessible to entrepreneurs involved with Think Big initiatives.  

Stay tuned for more announcements to learn how you can join the Think Big Nation.

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