Thursday, February 16, 2012

Help Kansas City Become America's Most Entrepreneurial City at Big 5 Meetings

For a few months, we've been hearing about the Big 5; an entrepreneurial initiative set forth by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Kauffman Foundation to make KC America's Most Entrepreneurial City.  But as exciting and intriguing it is to strive for this title, ideas on how Kansas City can actually become the most entrepreneurial region in the nation have been quite vague.

But they won't be vague for much longer.  This week, and continuing on throughout next week, The Chamber and Kauffman are hosting Big 5 events for a Greater Kansas City.

The Big 5 meetings have been built for everyone; entrepreneurs who want to grow a business, business owners who want to start buying from entrepreneurs, bankers and investors who want to start funding, Kansas City citizens interested in helping with job growth, public sector employees, parents, philanthropists, former entrepreneurs, teachers, students.   Like I said, everyone.

The community meetings will foster Kansas City communication and will focus on how to make KC America's Most Entrepreneurial City.

Register today for one of the Big 5 meetings and get ready to start something...well BIG.

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  1. If I could save time in a bottle... I'd love to contribute to this cause... both in support and as an entrepreneur. Time... there's never enough.

    I'll help and participate in any way I can.