Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Electric! bizperc's Electronic Whiteboard Makes Startup Note-taking a Breeze

Stop 6 of the bizperc walking tour: the large conference room and electronic white board

Imagine sitting in a long, 5 hour meeting with your investors, founders, and employees and not having to jot down one note.  Sounds like a make-believe meeting, doesn't it?  Entrepreneurs tend to frantically take down notes during all meetings...and oftentimes cannot read their own handwriting a mere two hours later.  

bizperc solves this tragic note-taking problem.  Introducing: bizperc's electronic whiteboards.

Electronic whiteboards don't just alleviate entrepreneur writing cramps, but they also help startup stay organized and on-the-same-page.  How so?

Electronic whiteboards allow for all notes that are taken up on one prominent whiteboard to be printed out for a group of people at the click of a button.  Using a special marker for the whiteboard, entrepreneurs have the ability to write on the touch-sensitive board that tells the computer what color of marker they're are using.  This technology projects notes onto the screen in the correct color.  These notes can be saved on the printer or sent to a specific email address.  

Sick of taking notes in meetings?  Find yourself distracted with doodling during important gatherings?  Can't quite get on the same page as the rest of the group?  You need bizperc's 4th floor meeting room with electronic whiteboard capabilities.  Call Sarah today to reserve the meeting room or to learn more about bizperc's perks and offers.  Call 816-842-5244 or email us at 

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