Tuesday, December 27, 2011

bizperc Proves Entrepreneurs Cannot Live Without Coffee

Stop 5 of the bizperc walking tour: all-you-can-drink coffee from bizperc

If there is one thing that entrepreneurs can't live without, bizperc believes it's coffee.  Take away an entrepreneur's computer and he can use his smartphone to answer emails.  Take away an entrepreneur's desk and he can sit on the floor or head to the local coffee shop to work.  Take away an entrepreneur's daily calendar and he'll just be late to meetings anyway. But take away an entrepreneur's coffee...and prepare for fury.  

Coffee and energy drinks are essential for most workers' day-to-day lives, but especially for that of an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs often work crazy hours, sometimes working until 3:00 in the morning  just to finish an important project.  Coffee helps the entrepreneur stay awake and feel invigorated during those late-night projects.  Coffee runs through the veins of entrepreneurs...and we believe that every entrepreneur should have access to all-you-can-drink coffee.

That's why bizperc's atmosphere revolves around coffee.  Why do you think it's called "bizperc" in the first place?  The name "bizperc" came for a combination of "business" and a coffee "percolator".  

In order to provide our entrepreneurs with all-you-can-drink coffee, bizperc provides an instant Bosch/Tassimo coffee machine with a wide variety of pods (coffee at the touch of a button!).  Hundreds of coffee mugs are available as well as a large coffee percolator, an old school coffee machine and a coffee bar where entrepreneurs can socialize over a good old cup o' joe. 

Welcome to the bizperc coffee bar! Come network and collaborate over a good cup of coffee.

bizperc provides freshly ground coffee and an old-school coffee maker next to a percolator.

Percolate with us!

A Bosch instant coffee maker with pods are always available. 

Check out rule #3: caffeine deprivation is a cruel and unusual punishment!

There is always a wide variety of pods available at bizperc.

We even have Think Big mugs!

Tired of paying $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks?  Then come check out bizperc and drop-in for just $15!  You'll get the chance to network, collaborate and down all of the coffee you possibly can!  Call Sarah today for a tour at 816-842-5244.

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