Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 6 New Years Resolutions for Entrepreneurs


About this time, everyone starts making idealistic resolutions for the year to come. Many people will promise themselves that this will be the year they give up all junk food, hit the gym 5 days a week and drop 10 pounds. But lets face it, these resolutions hardly ever make it to the end of January. This year, instead of obsessing over your waistline, why not focus our attention on your business' bottom line?

Here are 6 New Years resolutions to help you make the most out of your business in 2012:

1. Promote your business regularly and consistently
Who has time to blog and tweet while running a business? How do the pro's do it? They make marketing a habit. Incorporate inbound marketing into your daily schedule. Social media is a highly effective for of promotion that is economically feasible for even the most bootstrapped business budget. Rule of thumb: Blog weekly, Facebook daily and Tweet hourly.

2. Make business planning a top priority
If you are an entrepreneur, chances are, you are too busy. It is important to focus on your businesses' future success throughout 2012. To actively make business planning a priority, try to plan every morning for thirty minutes or so.

3. Expand your business network
Making business connections is one of the most important parts of entrepreneurship. A strong rolodex of connections is as important to your business as generating new revenue. After all, valuable connections will help a business become even more profitable in the future. This year make it a priority to join your city's chamber of commerce, attend industry-related events and build your LinkedIn network.

4. Set goals (and stick to 'em!)
If you haven't written your business plan, starting one for 2012 would be a great resolution. If you do have a business plan, be sure to stick to your goals displayed in it for 2012. Share you goals with others and set deadlines to hold yourself accountable.

5. Learn to delegate
If you are an entrepreneur, chances are, you're too busy. Learning how to effectively delegate and outsource tasks allows you to spend more time working on your business rather than in your business. Start delegating administrative tasks and daily activities like social media and blog updates to contractors, virtual assistants or full-time employees.

6. Make time for yourself
A healthy work-life balance is critical to a happy life and a successful career. Entrepreneurs who chain themselves to their work risk entrepreneurial burnout. It is crucial that you take breaks from your business to recharge and get a fresh perspective on your challenges an opportunities.

What are you going to do to make 2012 your best business year yet?

Happy New Years from Think Big Partners! As you ring in the new year make a toast to all your hard work and accomplishments of 2011.

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