Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Think Big and Microsoft BizSpark Offer Startups $60,000 in Cloud Services on Windows Azure

Think Big Partners, a technology-focused startup accelerator and mentorship-based collaborative coworking space for entrepreneurs, and Microsoft BizSpark Plus have collaborated to offer startups $60,000 in cloud services on the new Windows Azure program.

BizSpark Plus is an extension of the Microsoft BizSpark program, designed to accelerate the success of startups around the world. The program works through select incubators and accelerators such as Think Big Partners to provide value-added products and services to high-potential startups. The BizSpark Plus package will provide startups up to $60,000 of compute and storage per startup for up to two years.

Microsoft BizSpark has selected Think Big Partners among 40 other incubators and accelerators to become a part of its BizSpark Plus Partners global network and will provide exceptional Microsoft offers to the high-growth startups undergoing the Think Big accelerator process. The 40 accelerators and incubators involved in this program have been chosen by Microsoft based on their ability to attract and work with world-class startups. Over time, Microsoft plans to extend additional offers to startups through the BizSpark Plus Partners.

"We are excited about this opportunity," said Herb Sih, Co-Founder of Think Big Partners. "Microsoft BizSpark is a valuable and proven technology solution for entrepreneurs and startups when they need it most. In addition, BizSpark Plus has given Think Big Partners the opportunity to be faster and smarter when it comes to building profitable companies."

Think Big Partners has worked with high-growth tech startups from across the nation that use cloud computing services. According to TechStars, cloud applications are driving the new startup ecosystem and provide startups the ability to drive user adoption, scale their businesses and generate financial returns faster than ever before. Windows Azure will offer a simple and powerful platform for the creation of Web applications and services.

By providing Windows Azure, Microsoft and Think Big Partners hope to help startups grow their businesses by offsetting cloud computing costs so that they can focus their efforts on other business challenges including research, development, investment and promotion. For more information about the BizSpark Plus program, please visit

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