Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Launch One Startup When You Can Launch Two (or Three...or Four...)?

When bizperc tenants first join the coworking space, they expect to come in, launch or grow a business, get inspired and maybe meet a few people along the way.

What many tenants do not expect is to form partnerships, quadruple revenue and launch multiple startups.  But bizperc, unlike most coworking spaces, facilitates that.

Take Coty Beasley and Leo DeLeon for example.  These two entrepreneurs started out working for separate companies in the same office space.  After realizing that they were not in the area that they were supposed to be in (and had "survived the trenches together"), Coty and Leo decided to team up and to move on.  So, the two of them set out on their own entrepreneurial path together.

Coty currently runs Beasley Creative, his own graphic design and web development company out of bizperc.  Leo launched a startup of his own known as Motion Machine Studio, a company that creates animated online videos.  But after working side-by-side for many months, the duo decided to team up to launch Flow with the help of long-time friend and business partner, Oscar Monterroso.

Flow, as described by Coty, is a “full service create group that helps businesses grow by creating digital strategies and image.”  In other words, Flow provides companies with branding and web design (from Coty), video production (from Oscar) and motion graphics and video (from Leo).  Talk about a match made in heaven.

The trio decided to launch Flow in order to push a higher-income clientele.  The new startup has been built for established companies who are looking for unique print, design and web services.  But Flow isn’t the only that keep Coty and Leo busy. 

Recently, the pair decided to launch BrandYourStartup.com, a company that, like its name says, helps startups define and create their brand. 

“We didn’t want to isolate low-budget clients,” says Coty of the venture.  “So, we came up with a system with the same customization, flair and research as Flow, but with a more streamlined budget.  We can provide websites, logos, business cards, logo reveals and online commercials all for under $4,000.”

These bizperc tenants aren’t just innovating—they’re innovating on multiple platforms! 

“We have so much work everywhere,” says Coty.  “We’re trying to develop new ways to increase our cash flow and provide services for everybody.”

Congrats to Coty Beasley and Leo DeLeon for being bizperc tenants of the month! 

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